Friday, May 16, 2014

2nd Annual Teach Ag! Society Domestic Study Away - #TeachAgDSA14 - Day 3 - Urban Agapooloza

Editor's Note: During our 8 day adventure with 14 teacher candidates and 2 chaperones, we will have two guest bloggers share their observations every day!

Nittany riding with the Duke!
On the third day of the Great Colorado Adventure, we once again were blessed with a great fun-filled and busy day. With two very productive stops, we were able to experience more of the wonderful state of Colorado.

Today, we began at the Leanin’ TreeWestern Art Museum. Here we were able to experience Western and Native American art. We gained a new found appreciation of Western and Native American art and culture through the portraits, painting and sculptures. The paintings were breathtaking, many focusing on depth perception, Native American Life and the cowboy life. There were sculptures both inside and outside of the building with each having their own story. The sculptures portrayed much of the wildlife and native dress of the cowboys and Native Americans.  The portraits showed the faces of people in western culture. Everyone gained something from the experience in their own way.

Nittany at Boulder TEC!
From there we found ourselves at the Boulder CTC School where agriculture education teacher Heather Riffel shared with us their unique program. One of the many things to be admired about Ms. Riffel as a teacher is the incredible amount of time and individual consideration she puts invests in her students. Her program is very unique, and of course, very involved using hydroponics system, chicken hatchery and trout production to name a few things that assists in delivering her two course: Urban Agriculture and Greenhouse Management. All of the teaching strategies and learning activities focuses on teaching students in a hands-on way about a wide variety of academic skills including chemistry, agribusiness and production of animals, vegetable, bedding plants, and herbs. We paired with the students in the Urban Ag class to learn about Haiti, make salad dressing, participate in a roundtable and tour the facility, an eventful day for sure!

Boulder TEC Urban Ag Class & Teach Ag! Penn State
The evening was topped off with a great meal and sharing of Penn State Pride with the Penn State Club of Colorado. Good Things where shared and nostalgia flowed freely!

Penn State Alumni Chapter of Colorado

As we wind down each night, we like to reflect on what happened during the day and what great experiences we’ve had. Everyone is thankful for the experiences we were given and blessed to make it through another day. We look forward for the adventures to come tomorrow.

Remember, you can follow our trip hashtag for more great pictures and observations at #TeachAgDSA14.

A big thank you to the CHS Foundation and Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences for having the vision to help make this transformative learning experience possible. 

Hannah Harris
2015 Student Teacher, Juniata Valley

Rea Ianson
2015 Student Teacher, Bermudian Springs

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