Thursday, January 18, 2018

January Student of the Month: Kaitlin Liszka (@KaitlinLiszka)

Each month we like to highlight students that have gone above and beyond in the agriculture education program at PSU! We are proud to announce that Kaitlin Liszka was selected as the January's Student of the Month! Lets learn about her adventure and accomplishments so far.

Kaitlin is currently a sophomore in the Agriculture and Extension Education major. However, she has an interesting story of how she ended up in this major. She had attended Ohio State University majoring in Animal Science, but while she was there she realized that there was a place for her in Agriculture Education. This caused her to transfer to Penn State, and had switched majors to focus on Agriculture Education rather than just animal science.

Her plans after graduation are not set in stone because she knows that life plans change, but her current plan is to become an Extension Educator. Her passion is to teach agriculture is driven by the realization that there was a large disconnect between farm to plate. She states, "As I went through my classes it became more and more evident to me that I was more passionate about making sure that everyone could understand why we feed cattle grain than figuring out how much grain we needed to feed the cattle, so when I transferred to Penn State I also made the decision to change my major so that I would be better equip to follow my passions." Her goal as an educator is to create educated consumers, and equip the public to be able to understand the food system to make educated decisions when they buy their food. She stays motivated towards her major by being a part of experiences that allow her to get a glimpse of what she will do once she is graduated.

Kaitlin is also active outside of class in several clubs and organizations including LEAD Society, Collegiate Cattlewomen, Global Teach Ag!, and Cedar Heights RSO.

Fun Facts about Kaitlin:
Hometown: Jamestown, PA
Graduation year: 2020
Birthday: December 8th, 1995
Favorite PSU class: ASTRO 1
Favorite places to eat in State College: Otto's
Favorite athletics team/sport: Steelers
Favorite hangout on campus: The Creamery
Favorite thing at PSU: The Creamery Ice Cream
Agricultural Program Activities: 4-H
Twitter Handle: @KailtinLiszka
Instagram: kait_liszka21

 Luke Kerstetter
Communications Team Member
Twitter Handle: @lmkerstetter96
2020 Agricultural Education Student Teacher

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

You Don't Want To Miss This! #GLAG18 Is Almost Here

Are you interested in "globalizing" your agriculturally-focused instruction?  The Global Learning Conference in Agriculture is designed to help you create global learning opportunities for students in any agricultural discipline.

What is GLAG?

The Global Learning Conference in Agriculture (GLAG) Conference is designed to help you create global learning opportunities for students in any agricultural discipline.

GLAG is aimed towards current secondary, post-secondary, and pre-service agriscience educators of all disciplines, extension educators, and vendors and stakeholders in global learning, but anyone is welcome to register! The GLAG program believes that purposeful, meaningful global learning can occur on and off campus, and that there should be coordination from all levels of agricultural education to ensure maximum student growth on the global competency continuum.


Events for #GLAG18 will be taking place the entire week of January 22nd to 26th. The week-long conference concludes with the LIVE session held on Friday from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST. Check out the 2018 Conference Agenda for more information.

#GLAG17 featured a host of guest speakers such as
Keegan Kautzky (Left) from World Food Prize.

  • Online! Daily activities via Zoom (see the 2018 Conference Agenda for Zoom links) covering an array of topics related to diversity, professional development, global connections, and global agriculture.
  • LIVE Conference: Online via Adobe Connect (Link received with #GLAG18 registration).
Benefits of registration:
For your registration fee, you will receive:
  • One of only a limited number of spots in this year’s Global Learning in Agriculture conference on January 26, 2018 [Note: To ensure the best experience, we are limiting capacity.]
  • Opportunity to attend presentations on best practices of globalizing curriculum on campus and best practices for conducting immersion experiences.
  • Access to a virtual vendor fair in which you can collaborate with businesses and programs that are interested in helping you achieve your program or individual growth goals.
  • Win fabulous door prizes, before, after and during the event!
  • Finally, registrants who have registered for the All Access Pass for $50 received an exclusive “Conference in a Box” with critical materials (and wickedly awesome cool stuff) to have an enjoyable experience. All conference boxes have been claimed, but there's still time to register for Digital-Only access!
Note: Penn State students should email to learn about scholarship opportunities.

So, how do I register?
  • Digital Only access provides registrants with access to all conference activities, but does not include a "Conference in a Box".  Digital Only registration is available until Thursday, January 25th. Select "Digital Pass Only" on the registration form to select this option. Digital Pass Only Registration is $25.

Need any more reason to attend? 

Our Keynote Speakers during Friday's LIVE session are Appiah Boateng, founder and Executive Director of 4-H Ghana, and Trent McKnight, founder of AgriCorps. The title of their talk is "Transforming Global Agriculture Through Youth Engagement". Want to learn more about them? Click here.

Don't miss out; see you at the conference January 22nd to 26th!


Hunter Kauffman, Student Blogger
Wildlife and Fisheries Science
College of Agricultural Sciences
Instagram: kauffman_hunter

Thursday, December 7, 2017

December's Program of the Month - Bald Eagle High School

All across the great state of Pennsylvania there are 145 school districts that have Agriculture Education courses and the FFA program. Each month we like to highlight a chapter that has stood out from the rest. December's program of the month goes to Bald Eagle High School, Bald Eagle FFA Chapter.

Background Knowledge:

The current agricultural educators at Bald Eagle are Mr. Todd Biddle, Mr. Jade Thompson, and Ms. Morgan Campbell. The program was charted on January 12, 2012, and had not been a charter for over 30 years prior to that date. The students that were interested in learning about agriculture attended State College's program, and as that number grew the district decided to start a General  Agriculture program. Bald Eagle has a three period forestry program to train students for that industry.

Classroom Instruction:

The current offered of courses are Introduction to Agriculture, Animal Production, Animal Science, Horticulture, Agriculture Mechanics, Forestry Production (wildlife management taught within), and Agriculture Leadership. They have expanded animal science offering this year for those who have strong ambitions toward animal agriculture. All of the teachers have general science and biology certifications, and have taught science courses at Bald Eagle currently or in the past. Mr. Thompson had started the program in 2012, Mr. Biddle has been teaching agriculture for five year, and this year is Ms. Campbell's first year. Some innovations that are being implemented are producing and drying the lumber that the woodshed students will use since they have their own sawmill. There is also talk about selling the lumber to other local school districts.

FFA Accomplishments:
Bald Eagle FFA had earned the two star National Chapter Award in both 2016 and 2017. Their application has ranked in the top 10 within Pennsylvania for the past three years. The students are also very successful in area agricultural competitions with winners and winning teams in ag sales, forestry, poultry judging, livestock evaluation, public speaking, etc. At PA Farm Show the students also have done very well with tractor restoration, landscape box, window exhibits, and youth rabbit competitions. The chapter has received several grants that have allowed them to establish a pollinator garden on campus that is affiliated with the Snetsinger Butterfly garden at Tudek Park. The FFA chapter has worked with local state agriculture clubs as sites for agriculture conferences.

SAE Accomplishments:
Since 2012, Bald Eagle has had 14 students earn their Keystone Degrees. Seven of those students will receive their degree this year. In 2016-2017 one of the students was the state winner in goat production efficiency area, and scored silver at the national level.

Bald Eagle is a newer program, but still producing fantastic results from their short time as a chartered program! We are excited to see where your program will go in future years. Congratulations on being program of the month!

To learn more about starting on the path to having a career that makes a positive impact on the lives of students across the globe by becoming an agricultural educator, please contact the agricultural teacher education program at Follow us on Twitter at TeachAgPSU, on Facebook, or on our blog.

Luke Kerstetter
Communications Team Member
Twitter Handle: @lmkerstetter96
2020 Agricultural Education Student Teacher

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

#psuaged18 Final Presentations Schedule

What an exciting time of the year! As the fall semester winds down and comes to an end, it's time for the final presentations from our outstanding #psuaged18 members! 
You're welcome to join in watch their presentations via Zoom connection as they show what they learned through their past three and a half years at Penn State!

Our 11 members of #psuaged18 standing at the Nittany Lion Shrine.
What are the presentations about?
The presentations are meant to be a holistic overview of total preparation expiring, but they also represent the final for the following 13 credits of courses:
·        AEE 295 (3) – Early Field Experiences in Agricultural Education
·        AEE 350 (3) – Teaching Methods in Agricultural Education Laboratories
·        AEE 412 (4) – Teaching Methods in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
·        AEE 413 (3) – Program Planning in Agricultural Education
Each candidate is allocated 1 hour. Of that one hour, 30 minutes is provided for public presentation and the 30 minutes is utilized for individual consultation/discussion with the agricultural teacher education panel. Time will be provided for questions and answers as part of the public presentation. Questions are accepted from both the face-to-face audience as well as the virtual audience.

The candidates have been asked to answer the following three essential questions as part of their public presentation:

Question I – Who do I aspire to be as a teacher? 

Description: The teacher candidate will present an overview of the type of teacher they aspire to be. Teacher candidate will share their fundamental beliefs and philosophy as well as evidencing their comprehension and integration of a total agricultural education program.

Question II – What experiential education opportunities have I engaged in to become a better agricultural educator?

Description: The teacher candidate will present relative coursework, internships, study abroad experiences, and life experiences that helped prepare them to be an agricultural educator. The key for the candidate to draw the connections from the experiences to how it will help them succeed in the agricultural education profession.

Question III- How am I prepared to maximize my student teaching internship opportunity?
Description The teacher candidate will show evidence of planning completed to be prepared to best serve the secondary students of the cooperating center.

#psuaged18 Final Presentation Schedule

Wednesday, December 13th

9:00am         Rose Cowan, @Cowan_Rosalind

Professional Blog: Grace & Growth 
Internship Location:            Penn Manor HS (Millersville, PA);
Cooperating Teacher:          Neil Fellenbaum, @NeilFell
Zoom Connection:     [+1 669 900 6833 (US Toll); Meeting ID: 406 185 396]

10:15am       Angela Becker, @BeckerAngelaM

Professional Blog: Inches to Acres: Teaching to Grow 
Internship Location:            Manheim Central HS (Manheim, PA);
Cooperating Teacher:          Deb Seibert
Zoom Connection:     [+1 646 876 9923 (US Toll)Meeting ID: 278 828 215]

11:30am       Karlie Wright, @Wright_KarlieM

Professional Blog: Karlie Writes
Internship Location:            Fort Cherry HS (McDonald, PA);
Cooperating Teacher:         Jodie Hoover, @HGParkinsonFFA
Zoom Connection:     [+1 669 900 6833 (US Toll); Meeting ID: 294 109 116]

1:15pm         Macy Fisher, @Macy_Fisher

Professional Blog: Macy's Moments
Internship Location:            Selinsgrove HS (Selinsgrove, PA);
Cooperating Teacher:          Valerie Fry, @ValSFry
Zoom Connection:      [+1 408 638 0968 (US Toll); Meeting ID: 603 171 146]

2:30pm         Allyson Balmer, @Allyson_Balmer

Professional Blog: The Agrication Station
Internship Location:            Tri-Valley HS (Hegins, PA);
Cooperating Teacher:         Gretchen Dingman
Zoom Connection:    [+1 669 900 6833 (US Toll); Meeting ID: 733 802 451]

3:45pm         Michala Kuhlman, @Kuhlman_M40

Internship Location:           Central Columbia HS (Danville, PA);
Cooperating Teacher:         Curt Turner
Zoom Connection:    [+1 408 638 0968 (US Toll); Meeting ID: 350 629 115]

Thursday, December 14th

9:00am         Heather Wasson, @heatwasson

Professional Blog:  From the Plow to the Owl
Internship Location:            Cowanesque Valley HS (Westfield, PA);
Cooperating Teacher:          Marty Heyler
Zoom Connection:     [+1 646 876 9923 (US Toll); Meeting ID: 979 627 927]

10:15am       Halee Wasson, @Wasson_Halee

Professional Blog:  Rooted in Agriculture
Internship Location:             Derry Area HS (Derry, PA);
Cooperating Teacher:           Roy Campbell
Zoom Connection:      [+1 646 876 9923 (US Toll); Meeting ID: 497 123 380]

11:30am       Katie Smith, @KatieLady1995

Internship Location:            Northwest HS (Shickshinny, PA);
Cooperating Teacher:          Anthony Honeycutt, @thehoneyowl
Zoom Connection:     [+1 408 638 0968 (US Toll); Meeting ID: 434 509 673]

1:15pm         Cheyenne Myers, @MyersCheyenneN

Professional Blog: Galloping Into Ag Ed
Internship Location:            Kennard Dale HS (Fawn Grove, PA);
Cooperating Teacher:          Abigail Cornett, @AbigailSSmith
Zoom Connection:       [+1 646 876 9923 (US Toll); Meeting ID: 189 541 741]

3:45pm         George Dietrich, @TheGeorge4H

Internship Location:            Cumberland Valley HS (Mechanicsburg, PA);
Cooperating Teacher:          Darla Romberger, @DJR_131
Zoom Connection:     [+1 408 638 0968 (US Toll); Meeting ID: 864 454 949]

Hunter Kauffman, Student Blogger
Wildlife and Fisheries Science
College of Agricultural Sciences
Instagram: kauffman_hunter

December's Student of the Month - Cheyenne Myers (@MyersCheyenneN)

Every month, we like to highlight students that have gone above and beyond in the agriculture education program at PSU! We are proud to announce that Cheyenne Myers was selected as the December Student of the Month! Lets learn about her story and accomplishments so far.

Cheyenne is a senior majoring in Agriculture and Extension Education, and after graduation she would like to apply and be accepted to a job either at a 4-H Extension office or high school agriculture program. She had became passionate about teaching agriculture due to the huge impact that 4-H and FFA had on her life and who she is today. She exclaims, "My goal is to be able to impact youth in a positive way through Agriculture, the way my advisors, agents, and mentors impacted me growing up." She stays motivated towards her major by is graduation and to start a career to give back to her community to thank those who helped her become the person she is today.

Outside of class she is very active in clubs and organizations which include, Collegiate Horseman Association, Collegiate Penn State Horse Judging Team, Photography Chair for the Annual Penn State Quarter horse Sale in the Spring of 2017, and an employee of the Penn State Horse Barns.

Fun Facts about Cheyenne:
Hometown: Wellsville, PA
Graduation Year: 2018
Birthday: April 14th
Favorite Class: AnSci 426 Horse Judging
Favorite Hangout: 3rd floor of ASI or Horse Barns
Favorite thing at PSU: Horse Barns and friends she made through the years
Involved in 4-H for 11 years (3 different Clubs)
Involved in Gifford Pinchot FFA Chapter (Student Advisor and Vice President offices)
Student Teaching at Kennard Dale High School, York County, PA

Luke Kerstetter
Communications Team Member
Twitter Handle: @lmkerstetter96
2020 Agricultural Education Student Teacher