Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hired! Teacher Candidate Jenna Timmons Hired at Gettysburg Senior High School! #psuaged16

It is the home of the battle of Gettysburg, the famous Gettysburg address and now the new home of Penn State graduate Miss Jenna Timmons!  This fall Jenna Timmons, 2016 graduate of Agricultural and Extension Education will be the Agricultural Educator & FFA Advisor at Gettysburg Senior High School.

From her Dairy farming roots, to her time as a student at Chambersburg High School and most recently as student teacher at Kennard-Dale, Jenna’s agriculture experiences will serve her well as a new teacher.  She is excited to work alongside current agricultural teacher, Laura Kennedy.  Jenna will teach plant science and agricultural mechanics including: horticulture, floriculture, advanced landscaping, small gas engines and welding.  A tour of the Gettysburg facility would showcase two greenhouses, a hydroponics system, courtyard used for design and an outdoor classroom.  Jenna will use these facilities to serve her classes and students well.  

Jenna and the crew on the DSA trip to Mississippi

As Jenna looks to the future full of new classes and new students, she reflected on how her past experiences will aide her in her new classroom.  She was involved in Teach Ag! Society and attended the Domestic Study Away to Mississippi with an emphasis on financial literacy in Appalachia; particularly related to Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE).  Jenna learned the importance of incorporating career development events in the agricultural education program through her time student teaching with Ms. Abby Smith.  Ms. Smith required students to participate in one Career Development Event per marking period, relevant to their class content.  “I felt this was a great way for our students to get involved in FFA and participate in a CDE as well as fulfill their class requirement. Therefore, I would like to see all students in each of my classes at Gettysburg compete in a CDE as a class requirement. I believe this will help promote our program as well as increase our FFA involvement.”  Jenna credits Ms. Abby Smith and her mentoring for increasing her drive to become an amazing agricultural educator. 

At the end of the day Jenna hopes to leave her students with two things: Worth and Value.  “I believe in the potential of each of my students and I am dedicated to making sure that through my program each of my students will find their value and importance to become positive agents of change.”

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