Friday, March 16, 2012

The Ag Teacher
By Ron Wilson, Poet Lariat  (

When there’s a faculty meeting, he just might come in late,

Cause he’s been out in the greenhouse, or welding on some gate.

But she knows everything from soil chemistry to how to use a tool.

She’s a very special person the life of our school.

He’s our local ag teacher, whom I salute in celebration,

The cornerstone of ag education all across the nation.

She knows about lots of species, from beef to fowl,

And as FFA Advisor is stationed “Here by the Owl.”

He works at the school teaching agricultural education,

Helping students develop for agricultural for agricultural occupations.

He takes kids to convention and to CDEs,

And helps students gain their state and national degrees.

He’s a judge and a janitor, a driver and chaperone,

A cheerleader and coach, as time has surely shown

But most of all, she’s a teacher, helping student to learn,

In the classroom, shop, home, farm, or workplace in turn.

That ag teachers’ impact is immense, in truth, 

In positively affecting the lives of our youth.

So today I pay tribute to this person I feature,

Changing lives every day: our local ag teacher.

2013 PSU Teacher Candidates

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