Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Moving On...Following up with 2012 Graduate Doug Masser

As our 2012 Student Teachers graduated from Penn State on May XX, many of them had no idea what the future would bring. Now, as summer reaches its climax, many of them now have some idea of where their lives are heading. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will showcase some of our graduates and update you on where they are heading. First up....Doug Masser.

Doug was a Schreyer's Honors student in the AEE major. He student taught at Upper Dauphin High School this past spring. In the Fall, Doug will be starting graduate studies at the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. We asked Doung a few questions about his experiences here at Penn State and share his expectations for what lies ahead. 

1) Why did you choose to the University of Idaho?

I chose the University of Idaho because it provided me with a chance to gain new experiences and perspectives in agriculture education by working with schools in a new state.  I will also be able to gain college teaching experiences as well as work with some great faculty that I know will help me prepare to be the best teacher I can be when I leave grad school and begin my career as an ag teacher.  

2) What are you most excited about in the upcoming year?

I am very excited to work with the undergraduates at the University of Idaho and help them coordinate state CDE events.  I am also looking forward to taking a few classes in ag mechanics such as basic shop practices and small gas engines!

3) What advice do you have for the student teachers next year?

The best advice I can give to future student teachers is never close any doors behind you and always remain open minded and ready for new and exciting opportunities!  I never dreamed I would be attending grad school right after Penn State.  However, I continued to remain open to my future and sure enough, an amazing opportunity opened up for me and in the fall I will be heading across the country!

4) Did you feel prepared for the Job Search Process (even though you are heading to Graduate School)?

I felt extremely prepared for the job search.  Even though my interviews and experiences pertained to graduate school, I was still able to utilize my portfolio, resume, and lesson plans in my interview process.  

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