Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Technology Revolution in the Classroom! What Innovative Technology Will You Use In The Classroom?

When I was in elementary school the most technology my teachers were using was the overhead projector.  Now students go to schools where every single student has their own iPad that they are actually allowed to use during class.  Schools like the Chambersburg Career Magnet School in Chambersburg, PA are finding innovative ways to engage their students using iPads and creative iPad apps to teach their lessons.  It begs the question, what will teachers be using to teach in five years?

With the iPad students can take notes, create presentations, do calculations, among many other things.  In this day and age there seems to be an app for everything including how you teach the lesson or visualize your topic for the day.  An example of one of these apps is the Blackboard Presenter which allows students to use a "blackboard" on their iPad that projects whatever the student writes on the board through the projector.

Think of how an iPad could be used in the agricultural classroom.  You might have your students map out a concept web of the various aspects of beneficial farming practices.  Or you might have them download and label the digestive tract of a cow.  Along with these ideas you could begin to take your students on virtual tours of the many exciting opportunities in agriculture.

So here is my challenge to you this week:  Think about what you would like your future/current classroom to look like.  Then take it a step further and brainstorm how you as a teacher can incorporate technology like the iPad to effectively engage your students.  Have an awesome idea of how to use the iPad or other technology in the classroom??  Be sure to post your idea on our Facebook page to share your awesome idea!

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By:  Matthew Dodson

Student Blogger
AEE Major at Penn State Mont Alto
Penn State Teach Ag Avenger

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