Friday, September 11, 2015

#teachagtech -> Teach Ag!! Technology Tips, Part 2 and the Signing Off as the PSU TeachAg! Tech

As my time as the PSU Teach Ag! Tech comes to an end, I have truly enjoyed posting and interacting with fellow agriculture educators.  At the heart of anything I develop, is the hope it can be of use to some of the hardest working educators I know.  We are innovators, counselors, coaches and our students' lifetime advisors.  I have truly appreciated the opportunity to serve in this manner and hope to be help in the future.  You can find me resuming blogging activities on my personal blog: .


Teach Ag! Technology Tips Part 2:  Here is the second installment logging entries from the TeachAg E-mail Blasts located here.  There is a great deal of information here that can hopefully help you in your classroom.  

Using Mindmapping Tools to Connect Concepts

Implementing Technology in the Classroom with the SAMR Model

Using BrainPop to Expand Classroom Learning 

Newsela to Help with Assessing Student Reading Level

Find a Formative Assessment Tool in Kahoot!

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