Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Introducing The PAAE Mentor of the Year: Dr. Daniel Foster!

"Pennsylvania ag educators and the incredible
students I have been able to help along their
#TeachAg journey will always have a special
place in my heart.  Thank you!"
The Pennsylvania Association of Agriculture Educators recognizes various members each year for outstanding service, dedication and accomplishments.This year Dr. Daniel Foster is the PAAE Mentor of the Year!   He believes being a secondary ag teacher is one of the most noble of professions.  His continued dedication and mentoring to various secondary ag teachers makes him deserving of this award. He was nominated by the Board of Directors of Pennsylvania Agricultural Educators and will be recognized this summer for his outstanding accomplishment at the summer conference, then compete at the regional and national level. 

The National Association of Agricultural Educators says "This award program will provide additional incentives for experienced teachers to become mentors for beginning teachers, and it will provide beginning teachers a way to say thank you to the experienced teachers who have influenced them."   Dr. Daniel Foster's philosophy matches that of NAAE and PAAE.   "We have  all had someone in our life at some time extend a hand to help us up, share a word of encouragement, or just invest in us as an individual. To whom much is given, much is expected."  His past students, colleagues and friends would agree!  

 "It is our obligation to return that investment tenfold by paying it forward through active engagement as a mentor in our professional organizations." 

 When asked about his recent recognition he responded: "I feel blessed and honored. The most wonderful job I have ever had was being a secondary agricultural educator in Willcox, Arizona. It was a sacrifice to leave that job, but I did with a hope of expanding a sphere of influence. " Dr. Foster, your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.  Your continued dedication to Teach Ag!  encourages and challenges us all!  From all those that you have mentored, thank you.  Congratulations Dr. Daniel Foster! 


Congratulate & Connect with Dr. Daniel Foster on Twitter: @FosterDanielD

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