Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mifflinburg Magic with PJ Adam

Agricultural Education has been part of my life for nine years. From August 29th 2004 to May 4th 2013 I have done a complete 180 in my role in the classroom. I went from being  a quiet scared freshman, to the other side of the table teaching the quiet scared freshman, and dragging them out of their shells into the exciting world of Agricultural Education.  My experiences have been vast from judging cattle at the local fair, to meeting with the President at the White House. No one has lived my experiences in Agricultural Education before, nor will anyone live them all after me. I hope and pray my students and counterparts can learn from my mistakes, and build beyond my successes.

I have enjoyed my time at Penn State overall, I do however pray it is not the best 4 years of my life because there is a lot of life to live yet. Having the chance to work with students has been wonderful, I enjoy every day of it. Every day is a new day, and every period is a new period. Students don’t see what happens in the period before them, nor after they only see their class period, their moment in time with me as the Ag Teacher. There was a time a short time ago that I would wake up and dread going to work many days of the week. Since starting teaching I have never felt that way. I have gotten up and been excited to go to work, and arrived home each evening tired, but with a feeling of success after a long day. Not every part of everyday has been fun, and a barrel of laughs, but they all have been worthwhile times in the classroom.

Reflecting on my experiences at Mifflinburg Area High School, I have learned more from my students outside the classroom than in it. Working as an FFA Advisor has helped develop my relationships with students beyond anything available in the 41 minute period  I saw them every day. I feel as though I have impacted the lives of each student in some way, and some of those impacts may have been very small, and others huge life changes but all positive impacts. 

Submitted by:
PJ Adam

2013 Student Teacher
Mifflinburg School District

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