Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Walker's Wisdom - Thoughts by 2013 Student Teacher Josh Walker

Why I Love Agriculture Education!

 1) Not the Standard Workday! Why would you want to do the same thing each and every day? Thank God with agriculture education I don't have too! Agriculture education has the opportunity to work with a variety of different subjects dealing with everything from welding in the shop, chicks in the classroom, and landscaping on the school grounds. We have so many different opportunities and the fun doesn't end there! The National FFA Organization and the Supervised Agricultural Experience program give students so many opportunities to try things outside the classroom. You are always learning something new with Agriculture Education.

2) Not every student is the same. Working in agriculture education gives students the opportunity to select the areas they are truly interested in. One of the things that I have truly grown to love and see with the courses in agriculture education is that students have the option of taking a class whether its plants/animals/shop and if they decided they don't like it, they don't have to give up with agriculture! All I need to say is "hey!, you seem like you have a lot of interest in this area. Why don't you try out (insert class here) next year?
Outstanding Mohawk Agriscience Students!

3) It doesn't matter what previous experiences you've had, I can challenge anyone. Experience is a plus but definitely not a requirement. Students come in with various degrees of knowledge on the material. Maybe they have had previous experience or it may be their first time with the concept. I have the ability to challenge students who are excelling through independent study while working with the rest of the kids in the class. Students who excel can also be devoted as group leaders for the class and may aid other students with the subject.

4) What other classes gives students' real world experiences that make them employable right out of school? Many academic classes require students to continue their training and prepare students for a four year degree. Guess what? College is NOT for everyone. There are so many skills trades that go unfilled on a yearly basis and the demand for these positions increases annually. We have the potential to get students exposed to these tracks, show them what these jobs entail, and then they can decide if it is an area they think they would like to pursue all without throwing tens of thousands of dollars in student loans away after realizing they do not want to work in that field.

5) Last, but certainly not least, I get to do the fun stuff and build relationships with my students. How cool is agriculture education. I know I said the learning doesn't stop in the classroom and it is so cool! Through the National FFA, students have the opportunity to travel out of their counties and across the country if they so desire. They are constantly involved in community service, chapter improvements, and local area needs all of which lead to personal growth and career success.

It just doesn't get any better than this!

Submitted by:
Josh Walker

2013 Student Teacher
Mohawk HS

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