Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A New Leadership Team for Teach Ag! Society!

With Teach Ag’s first year coming to a close, the new officers for the 2014-2015 year were selected to start off the New Year. Although the new team has awesome events in the works for the upcoming year, we cannot forget how much the first year’s officer team made a difference in the College of Agrisciences. 

Rea Ianson giving her speech on why she
should be the Professional Development Committee
When Teach Ag! Society was formed, the officer team did a great job making sure that it was open to all majors but focused a lot on promoting agriculture education. They participated in the Alpha Tau Alpha Conclave at the National FFA convention where students competed in Parliamentary Procedures, Quiz Bowl, the Essay Writing Contest, and Debate. They also tried to bring new topics to meetings to help out the members further their education. They will not be forgotten as Penn State’s Teach Ag first officer team!

As the voting process began for the members who were running, they had a chance to stand up and talk to the group about why they wanted to be an officer. Each member had the chance to talk, and then we did a ballot vote on who we wanted to be in the office. All the votes were private and it led to our new 2014 Teach Ag Executive Team! The members who were elected in to office are down below.  
Introducing the 2014 Teach Ag Society Executive Team
Ms. Jillian Gordon, 2015 Student Teacher, @jillianpsu

Vice President: 
Ms. Laura Metrick, 2015 Student Teacher, @Its_Laurabeth

Ms. Cassidy Cheddar2015 Student Teacher, @crcheddar

Membership Secretary:
Ms. Janae VanBuskirk
2015 Student Teacher, @Janae VanBuskirk

 Mr. Tyler Schaeffer2015 Student Teacher, @TylerDSchaeffer

CFFA Liaison:
Ms. Deanna Miller, 2015 Student Teacher, @deannapsu15

Social Committee Chairs:
Ms. Amanda Forstater2015 Student Teacher, @CityAggie
Ms. Katie Andrews2015 Student Teacher, @klandrews_24

Prof. Dev. Committee Chair:
Ms. Rea Ianson2015 Student Teacher, @rnianson08

Fundraising Committee Chair:
Mr. Howard Poole2015 Student Teacher, @howie_plumcrazy

Outreach & Comm. Service
Ms. Rachel Telesz2015 Student Teacher, @rachie12rach
Ms. Olivia Murphy-Sweet2015 Student Teacher, @OSweetMurph

The new Teach Ag Society Officers
(Back Row) Tyler Schaeffer, Rea Ianson, Amanda Forstater, Katie Andrews,
Olivia Murphy-Sweet, Deanna Miller, Janae VanBuskirk, and Howard Poole
(Front Row) Rachel Telesz, Jillian Gordon, Laura Metrick, and Cassidy Chedder
The new officer team will start their term in January at the first meeting on January 21st. This year will be filled with education, great friends, and of course, fun!

Teach Ag! Society’s mission is to promote the high standards and ideals of agricultural and extension education, to promote a bond between individuals in and those that have an interest in the world of agricultural extension education, to aid in the development of leadership, citizenship, and scholarship, and to cooperate in promoting the interest of the national organizations of Alpha Tau Alpha and Teach Ag!

Olivia Murphy-Sweet
Student Blogger
Teach Ag! Avenger
Twitter Handle @OSweetMurph

2016 Agricultural Education Teacher

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