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Checking in with 2012 PSU AEE graduate and Maryland Agriscience Teacher Brittany Arnold!

Mrs. Lenzo (past high school teacher),
Brittany Arnold,
Mr. Harrington (Past Region
 IV Vice President NAAE)
In a previous blog post we introduced Brittany Arnold, a graduate from Penn State in 2012, who won the CTE Outstanding New Teacher Award her very first year teaching at Oakdale High School in Maryland!  With a degree in Agricultural Extension and Education and an emphasis in Dairy Science, she has come a long way but she says she is learning every day! We wanted to see how she has been since we last interviewed her and what she is has been up to in Maryland!

Since her graduation in 2012, teaching for Brittany has been great! She has learned how to develop patience and tough skin to help with her students in all of their tasks every day! In the beginning she states that it was very hard disciplining her students and when they would speak out of frustration and she would have to act calm and keep her head. Right now, she is busy working on helping her students maintain being one of the biggest FFA chapters in Maryland! They have already had a team compete on the national level within the first year of being a chartered school. She has really developed the school to an amazing level but still has a long way to go.

This is Brittany and her students
working at their annual Ag Day
Advice never hurt anyone right? Well Brittany wanted to make sure that we received good advice. She says that as a new teacher never settle! What she means by that is that once you settle, you become comfortable with what you and your students are doing you closed a door of opportunity. Challenge yourself and do things you’re not comfortable with. It will pay off. She also states that the NAAE Communities of Practice is a great opportunity to learn new lessons, facts, and subject matter. Her last piece of advice was to listen to Dr. Foster and Dr. Ewing. When times get tough and we question them, we should all know that they are looking out for                                                          our best interests!

Overall, Brittany is doing great things for her school and her chapter. If you want any advice, lessons, or have any questions, feel free to contact her at

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