Friday, February 7, 2014

Hard Work: On the Field and In the Classroom!

Ever since she became a part of the FFA family at Lancaster Mennonite High School, Katie Andrews (@klandrews_24) realized what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Along with her childhood love of living and working on her family’s farm, Katie was inspired to become an Ag Ed major by her high school teacher’s passion for agriculture education. As her love for FFA and Ag Ed continued to grow, she soon realized there was something else she enjoyed just as much. After her sophomore year, Katie became just as comfortable playing field hockey as she did in the Ag classrooms at her school.

After excelling in field hockey in high school, Katie Andrews began looking at colleges that gave her the opportunity to be a part of the two things she loved the most. She said “during the recruiting process there are only a few schools that have agriculture as well as being a division one school for field hockey. I am blessed to be a part of my two passions and represent the best university ever, here at Penn State.”
Katie Andrews, 2016 Student Teacher
Having a full schedule of courses can be stressful for any college student but adding a full week of field hockey practice can be an extra challenge. Andrews credits her success to patient teachers, coaches and adviser along with lots of scheduling, organizing and emailing. Katie added that being a division one athlete can take away from being involved in more clubs and organizations and having that extra time to get to know people better. However the love of being involved in both worlds makes it easy to balance them and still enjoy every moment.

Andrews on a Domestic Study Abroad with the
PSU Teach Ag! Society 
Even with the two separate worlds that Katie is a part of, what she takes away from both experiences is very similar. Both field hockey and the Ag Ed major take time, dedication, organization and passion. Andrews said that goal setting, professional development and networking are three aspects that apply to both field hockey and agriculture education. She continued that “The awesome part is that I am continually challenged physically and mentally on a daily basis which only better prepares myself for life after college.”

Katie was part of the 2013
Big Ten Champion
PSU Field Hockey Team
While having a crazy schedule every week can be challenging at times, Katie wouldn't trade it for anything. She stated that the “the best part about being on the field hockey team is my teammates because we win, lose and go through some of the toughest times at college together.” Being a part of the PSU field hockey team has given her the opportunity to dance on stage at THON and to be recognized on the field at Beaver Stadium.

Along with field hockey, Katie is a co-chair of the social committee for Teach Ag Society, a member of Alpha Tau Alpha and has minors in agribusiness management, international agriculture and environmental inquiry. Her future plans are to teach agriculture in a high school, coach a field hockey team, own a corgi and still lend a hand on her family’s farm.

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Laura Metrick
2015 Student Teacher

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