Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Deanna Miller (#psuaged15) goes to Germany to learn about Poultry Sciences

Deanna Miller, 2015 Student Teacher
If you didn't think that Penn State could get any better from the wide array of classes that it already offers, you can look into taking classes that will include traveling to different countries! As many college students were at the beaches, spending time with family and friends, or even sleeping in all morning, Deanna Miller (@deannapsu15) had different ideas for her spring break. Deanna is a 2015 student teacher who traveled to Germany to learn about the poultry science industry.
A poultry barn in Germany
Deanna is involved in the Animal Science 499A class that is offered in the spring semester at the University Park campus. She was able to travel to cities such as Berlin, Celle, and Vechta, with the other avian science minor students! While in Celle and Vechta, they visited with Lohman Animal Health, Big Dutchman, an animal welfare facility, a broiler and turkey processing plant, an aviary, as well as the University of Vechta. When they traveled to Berlin, they saw the Holocaust memorial, the topography of terror, and the Reichstag which is the German Parliament building. All of that was packed into just a short week that they were there!

Deanna enjoyed her time there so much that she wants to bring international experience to share with her students to empower them to have the courage to travel! She states that, “I realized that the world really isn't that big and that there are so many different perspectives that are encountered when you travel. In addition, I have realized that there are people who get things done yet still find time to relax and enjoy life which is what I want to do more.” Deanna loved her trip and encourages everyone to go travel the world to experience something new.

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