Tuesday, March 4, 2014

PSU Teach Ag! Avenger Spotlight: Janae Herr

The Penn State AEE department has selected seven individuals to effectively and efficiently reach out to the next generation of positive agents of change in school-based agricultural education. These seven students are known as the Teach Ag Avengers and they will spend the next year spreading the word about how awesome Agriculture Education is! Over the next few months we will be featuring the Avengers in blog posts spotlighting them one by one. First up, Janae Herr.

Teach Ag Avenger, Janae Herr interacting with
FFA members!
Janae (@kjherr17) has known she wanted to be an agriculture educator for a long time and when she had to decide where she wanted to attend college it was a no brainer. “I always knew I wanted to teach Ag Ed and there is no better place to do that than Penn State” Herr said. Janae’s passion about the future of agriculture and her want to empower students to influence the agriculture industry for the better are what drew her to the major.

Janae during her High School FFA days
She was also an active FFA member during her high school years in Lancaster, PA. Janae, a 2016 student teacher candidate, stated “I owe a large portion of me to the Blue & Gold. Now I anxiously anticipate the day I get to give back to this incredible organization when I get to serve as an FFA advisor!” While in FFA she held four SAE’s which included beef finishing, market lamb finishing, off farm employment and practicum skills while she was the local Dairy Princess. She also held the positions of Secretary, Vice President and President in her local chapter and Secretary and President on the County level.

This is Janae’s second year serving as a Teach Ag Avenger and she is just as excited for the year ahead. Her favorite part of being an Avenger is interacting with various audiences and sharing the passion she has for agriculture education. This year she has already facilitated workshops at the FFA ACES conference and interacted with students at the State 4-H Leadership Conference.

To learn more about starting on the path to having a career that makes a positive impact on the lives of students across the globe by becoming an agricultural educator, please contact the agricultural teacher education program at teachag@psu.edu. Follow us on Twitter at TeachAgPSU, on Facebook, or on our blog!

Laura Metrick
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