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Checking in with 2014 Student Teacher Jeanne Case! #psuaged14

Jeanne Case, 2014 Student Teacher

Jeanne Case (JRose_Case), a 2014 student teacher has come a long way to get to where she is today! From her countless hands on experience with the blog, her internship at the PA Farm Bureau, her involvement with the College of Agriculture, and so many more, she can honestly say that it all has prepared her for this experience. Jeanne is under the watchful eye of Mrs. Barzydlo in Dover Area High School in York County. Her everyday interactions with the kids and her enthusiasm to teach has made everything worth it for her.

Students in her auto
shop class

When Jeanne first arrived she had a lot of experiences to prepare her for this position. She has dealt with so many different people that have been in her life it is easy for her to deal with difficult situations. She was a part of Delta Theta Sigma (an agriculture fraternity), multiple clubs including Teach Ag! Society and CFFA, and her internship with the PA Farm Bureau. With all of the people skills she attained she was able to apply them at her student teaching experience! Jeanne stated, “Some students "tested" me by turning a blow torch on when they were behind a box and I could only see them from shoulders up. I calmly told them "no, no, turn that off" and apparently I passed the test because I didn't freak out and start yelling at them. At least, that is what they told Mrs. B. I didn't think it was a big deal, growing up with farm friends and dealing with my fraternity brothers, it didn't really phase me.”  At least all of her life situations ended up in her benefit!

Students working in the
green house

Jeanne was surprised to learn how much she was interested in teaching subjects that she had no idea she would love! She found out that she actually has a knack for teaching horticulture, which was funny to her because she hated making those lesson plans! She had the “ah ha moment” when she realized that she actually learned a lot of horticulture and plant science from her parents when she was growing up!

 Jeanne also made sure to leave some advice for the future student teachers! Her senior fall picked up so quickly that she realized she had to get her “Moodles” and assignments done quickly to make sure to be ready with all the lesson plans she needed to get done. She also stated, “Go to your cooperating center with an open mind. I did not meet any of my students except for one before I started teaching. They turned out to be AWESOME! I am glad that I got to meet them when I started teaching because it has let us learn together”
Jeanne and some of the students!

 “My students make my student teaching experience, if we did not have such a good time together, teaching would not be worth it for me.” Jeanne Case is going to do great things in the future and we can’t wait to check back in and see where she is and what she has been up to! 

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