Monday, April 21, 2014

Neil Fellenbaum, 2000 PSU Alumnus: Outstanding Secondary Educator!

Mr. Neil Fellenbaum,
Penn Manor High School Agriculture Educator
Agriculture Educators are making a difference in the lives of students all over the nation. One Pennsylvania Ag Teacher is being recognized for his dedication and hard work during the recent school year. Mr. Neil Fellenbaum (@NeilFell), the agriculture educator at Penn Manor High School and 2000 alumnus of Penn State AEE, will be receiving the Penn Manor School District Outstanding Secondary Educator Award! This award is based on nominations which are then reviewed by Penn Manor Administration and the school board.

Mr. Fellenbaum is from Washington Boro, PA and attended Penn Manor High School where he has been teaching for the past 14 years. The 1800 student high school is located in Millersville, PA. in western Lancaster County. Mr. Fellenbaum stated that “the Agriculture students are driven and interested to learn, and the administration, advisory committee and community are extremely supportive.” Penn Manor offers a variety of agriculture courses including agricultural science, horticulture, biotechnology, wildlife, agricultural mechanics, welding and many more.  

Mr. Fellenbaum and current FFA members!
The time and effort put into these classes and the students has great rewards. Mr. Fellenbaum stated that “the most rewarding part of teaching is seeing the positive changes that students make in their four years of high school.  I also enjoy seeing the look on the face of a student when they achieve a goal that they have set for themselves and the confidence that builds in them as a person.”

His words of wisdom for future agriculture educators are that “Agriculture Education is the place to be if you want to be involved in making students better people.”

Congratulations Mr. Neil Fellenbaum on receiving the 2013-2014 Penn Manor School District Outstanding Secondary Educator Award!

To learn more about starting on the path to having a career that makes a positive impact on the lives of students across the globe by becoming an agricultural educator, please contact the agricultural teacher education program at Follow us on Twitter at TeachAgPSU, on Facebook, or on our blog!

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