Thursday, May 22, 2014

2nd Annual Domestic Study Away - #TeachAgDSA 14 - Day 7 (Last one!): Wrapping up!

Editor's Note: During our 8 day adventure with 14 teacher candidates and 2 chaperones, we will have two guest bloggers share their observations every day!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” –Henry Miller 

Colorado is a beautiful destination. With many diverse landscapes and significant landmarks, Colorado boasts many popular attractions. On day 7 of the Teach Ag! Society’s Domestic Study Away adventure, we experienced a few of those popular attractions, including the Garden of the Gods National Landmark in Colorado Springs, as well as the downtown Denver area.

Exploring the Garden of the Gods proved to be a truly remarkable adventure. The vast landscapes and the huge rock formations provided great hiking and even better views. Wildlife, including birds and deer, in their natural habitats made the trip even more enjoyable. The Garden of the Gods Visitor’s Center provided lots of information about the landscape and its history. It also featured a gift shop and a cafĂ©.

Around noon, we traveled to Denver. Dr. Foster had to depart for the American Association for Agricultural Education National Research Conference.  Upon his departure, we voyaged to downtown Denver with our other chaperone, who we fondly have referred to as Dr. Mom (Dr. Foster’s mother, Dr. Billye Foster). In downtown Denver, we explored the city and devoured some outstanding food from The Cheesecake Factory (a first-time experience for many on the trip). Most importantly, we spent a great deal of time bonding with one another. The city was eye-opening, and allowed many of us to reflect upon and appreciate where we come from and what we have at home.

Tomorrow, we will be waking up in Colorado one last time. We will make the long trek back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Upon our arrival, our small Colorado family will return home, but we will leave one another with much more than fantastic memories. Thanks again to CHS Foundation and the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences for supporting this effort.


Morgan Campbell
2015 Student Teacher, Mifflinburg, PA

Jill Gordon
2015 Student Teacher, Ridgemont, OH

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