Sunday, May 4, 2014

Catching up with #psuaged14 member Annette Sprenkel about her student teaching!

Annette Sprenkel, 2014 Student Teacher
The members of #psuaged14 have completed their student teaching and our back on campus to enjoy time together and wrap up their experiences before walking across the stage at graduation! This week we are catching up with Annette Sprenkel

Annette (@AnnetteSnook) grew up in Middleburg, PA where she was an active member in the Midd-West High School agriculture program. She just finished her student teaching at Juniata High school where she taught a total of 14 units reaching 119 students.

She chose Juniata High School because she wanted to experience a program different from the one she grew up in. She was familiar with a two teacher program that was both males and Juniata was a one teacher department run by Mrs. Jessica Morgan. This and many other factors drew Annette to Juniata. She stated “There was also something about the community and students that was different from other places I visited; it just felt right at Juniata. Turns out this was the best/most important decision I've ever made!”

Along with the units she taught, Annette did coaching in public speaking as well. Check out the promotional video she made!

After 15 weeks in the classroom Annette’s greatest take away was that “no matter what you know and how good you can teach, it is nothing if you cannot connect to the students! Making relationships is the most important AND rewarding thing you can do!” After student teaching, her future goal is to teach Ag forever!

Read about Annette's student teaching experience on her blog "Where I've Been, Where I'm Going"

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