Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Are you a good Digital Citizen? #AEE100 Engages with the Penn State Teach Ag! Technologist

On Thursday October 16th, Penn State had the privilege of meeting some awesome agriculture education students from Penn Manor FFA chapter who came along with their teacher Ms. Diane Glock-Cornman (@DGCornman) for a day of education and fun!
Ms.Diane Glock-Cornman is our PSU Teach Ag! Technologist and specializes in teaching us new methods of social media and computer uses. Along with bringing five of her own students, she came and taught a class for AEE 100 on “Good Digital Citizenship”. She stressed the importance of noticing in your schools the digital divide and how much access your students have to a computer at home and at school. During her presentation, she also showed the video below about statistics and facts about how social media interacts with our society and world.

Avengers back row, Penn Manor students front row.
While Ms. Cornman was teaching, her five students were able to go out and have fun with the Teach Ag! Avengers! They were able to tour campus, try out Creamery ice cream, get a picture at the lion shrine, and so much more! All five students came up with a goal of seeing if agriculture education was right for them and had a better idea when they left campus.

Overall it was a successful day and everyone had a blast! If you have any questions about social media interactions or would like to talk to Ms. Cornman, you can tweet at her (@DGCornman).

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