Thursday, October 2, 2014

#teachagtech -> Using Google Forms for Formative Assessment

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Assessments are everywhere, but one way to ease the burden of constantly assessing students’ understanding is using Google Forms for formative assessments.  I have used this several times already and have enjoyed seeing the student responses to the automatic feedback. 

To learn how to set-up a Google Form, please watch the following video:

{For anyone who wants to use Evernote as a repository for information and would like to know where you can find your Evernote e-mail:  Log-in or Sign-up for Evernote >  In the web based version you will see your name in the upper right corner > Click on your name > Than click on "Account Settings".  There at the bottom of your "Account Summary" page you will find your Evernote e-mail which ends in "".  You can copy this into your e-mail contacts for easy reference to save a whole host of materials.}

Once you have the Google Form established, you will want to add the Flubaroo script in order to automatically grade the assignment.  In addition, you can e-mail student results to them with the answer key if you choose.  Please review the following video for this information:

When you have e-mailed the results of the assessment out to students, this is what they will receive:

You too will receive an e-mail that shows you the number of student responses, whether you included the key, and a quick link to the “Responses” form.  It looks something like this:

I am beginning to love the Google Form tool.  It provides a way for us to collect information for our FFA Chapters, survey students or evaluate the level of our students’ understanding.  {For those non-educators reading, you can do the same for various types of feedback.  Perhaps you had a safety briefing at your place of business and you want to see how much information your employees retained prior to a formal qualifying exam, you could poll them the same way.}  

As a side note:  this blog post came about through a collaboration between myself and my PAAE / PSU Center for Professional Department mentee +Caleb Wright (@thewrightcaleb).  It is a wonderful experience to help with real-time questions to help in classrooms.  Caleb wanted a way to easily assess his students, but have the material available later for students to study for the summative assessment.  Proud of our young teachers out there who are innovative and working hard! (I neglected to mention this in the original posting.)

I hope what I have to offer will be of use to you in your classroom.  If you would like to see learning technology tidbits, follow me on Twitter @DGCornman.  

Yours in the Quest to be a Tech Savvy Aggie,

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