Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Student of the Month: Stacia Creed (@stacia_creed) #psuaged16

Every month, the Agricultural and Extension Education Department chooses to highlight certain students who are excelling well in our major or someone who has gone above and beyond each month. For the month of April, Stacia Creed (@stacia_creed), a 2016 Student Teacher Candidate was selected as our Student of the Month!
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As a graduate student, Stacia has had a long college career pursuing what she loves and that is of course agriculture. She started her educational career at Delaware Valley College (now known as Delaware Valley University) majoring in Livestock Science and Management due to her love for animal production. After she graduated with her bachelors, she knew that something was missing which led her to the Penn State Agricultural and Extension Education Department. After discussing options for her to get her degree and to become a teacher, she started Penn State University in the spring of 2014.
Since Stacia has been at Penn State, she has taken it upon herself to make a difference everywhere she goes! She is currently the Teach Ag! Society Student Advisor and apart of the AEE Graduate Student Association. Along with the various clubs she is involved in, she also is conducting her own research with the 2015 Photo Contest submissions.

Stacia plans on graduating in May 2016 with a Master’s of Education in Agricultural and Extension Education. After she receives her degree, she plans on teaching at the high school level and becoming an agriculture teacher. Her goal is to teach in Pennsylvania but, she is not opposed to teaching in the Midwest because of its open spaces and community. Another dream that she has is getting into Agritourism. “I don’t know if it will happen, but I would love to teach the general public about where their food products come from while showing them a working farm” We know that Stacia is going to do great things in the future, and with a full education behind her, who knows what she will do next!

Olivia Murphy-Sweet
Blog Editor
2016 Student Teacher Candidate

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