Wednesday, April 29, 2015

End of the Year Banquet: That's a Wrap! #studentsuccess

As our year comes to a close, there is always that “bittersweet” feeling in the air that never seems to go away no matter how many years pass by. Not only is it a time to remember the years accomplishments and say good-bye to our 2015 student teachers (soon to be alumni!), but it is time for a new beginning as the 2016 student teachers rise to become seniors. Last night, Teach Ag! Society, Collegiate FFA, and Collegiate 4-H, all came together to recognize club accomplishments and say good-bye to their graduating members in their clubs.
As the night started, we were fortunate enough to have several guests and attendants come celebrate our Penn State student success. In the crowd, was our keynote speaker Mr. Bill Fleet. Bill has had several accomplishments in and out of the agriculture industry and is even a Penn State Alumni! His speech was based on how teachers make an impact everyday on our student’s lives. After his speech concluded, every single person in that room, teacher or not, was effected by his kind words.
Following the keynote, there were awards that were presented to special people that were nominated by Teach Ag! Society of having accomplishments in the agriculture education career, in the agriculture industry, and being an outstanding member in Teach Ag! Society. Those people that were selected for at award are outlined below!
Jessica Morgan
Educator of the Year Award
Teacher at Juniata High School
Samantha Sessamen
Outstanding Teach Ag! Member 
of the Year Award
2016 Student Teacher 
As the banquet awards were passed out, pictures were taken, and the night was coming to a close, there was a special video that was created just for the seniors! If you would like to view the video check it out below!

Overall it was a memorable night for the seniors and all that were in attendance!

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Olivia Murphy-Sweet
Blog Editor
2016 Student Teacher

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  1. I could not have been more proud of this professional display of passion and commitment!