Thursday, October 22, 2015

From Classroom to Department of Ag: Sec. Redding speaks to #psuaged16

Yesterday, the 2016 Student Teacher Candidates and AEE staff met with the new Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding to discuss Agriculture Education, his time at Penn State when he was a student, and of course what he plans to do in the future with his new position.

Before Secretary Redding was the nominated by Governor Tom Wolf to serve as the 26th Secretary of Agriculture for PA, he was the former dean of the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at Delaware Valley College. He is a graduate of Penn State getting his B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Extension and Education and has used his education to serve as Chair for the USDA Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture.
When Secretary Redding sat down with the 2016 Student Teacher Candidates they wanted to know what his expectations are for the future teachers in agriculture and what he personally thinks they should be aware of. He stated, “I believe that Agriculture Science teachers should be able to connect science and civics together to form good lessons. Teachers should be solid in science skills and be translators to why agriculture is important to show students and parents to gain support. Be contemporary on issues, well read, engaged and persistent. Lastly, look at the need for what we are preparing our students to go out and do after they graduate.”

He also gave the student teacher candidates some advice to prepare them for the future when they are student teaching and even when they accept jobs. He stated, “The top three things that you should be aware of are, you can never have enough patience, don’t be afraid to accept constructive feedback, and lastly be personally organized.” All of his advice and input for the future teachers were taken seriously and the 2016 Student Teachers felt more prepared for their student teaching experiences in the next semester!  Overall his visit was constructive and the students were happy to have him! 

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