Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Outstanding Early Career Agricultural Educator Award: Dr. Daniel Foster #teachag

The Pennsylvania State University prides itself on being a leader in academics preparing its students for a successful career upon graduation.  Having this reputation, it comes as no surprise staff members go above and beyond for their students to prepare them for their future. In the Agricultural and Extension Education Program, we are fortunate to have Dr. Daniel Foster, Assistant Professor and Student Teacher Coordinator.  Dr. Foster has been recognized as the AAAE North-Central Region Outstanding Early Career Agricultural Educator Award.

The American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) recognizes annually an individual who is in the early stage of a university career in agricultural education to recognize contributions to the profession and encourage others in the profession to emulate the achievements of those recognized. Dr. John Ewing and Dr. Laura Rice co-nominated Dr. Foster to be recognized on a national level for his accomplishments in the field.

In the nomination packet, there needs to be evidence relating to excellence in the following categories: Teaching (preservice and in-service), Research (personally or directed), Writings, and lastly Service whether it is professional, community, state, and or nation.  To show you just some of Dr. Foster’s achievements, please look at the following below to show you just some of his achievements.

Teaching- Dr. Foster has taught courses in pre-service teacher education for a grand total of seventeen courses. Currently Dr. Foster instructs the Methods of Teaching Agriculture and Environmental Science, Developing Youth Leadership through Organization and Program Structure course, and serves as the student teacher coordinator. He has also developed a global competency course for our students called Global School-Based Agricultural Education.  Course work included students traveling to South Korea to meet students majoring in agricultural education at Seoul National University.

Research- Dr. Foster has had the opportunity to do several research projects including: examining current levels of cognition (teacher and student) in college classrooms, and studying what is needed to develop teacher candidates to lead programs and to make our teachers and students globally competent. Since his time in the profession, Dr. Foster has had articles published in refereed journals and presented papers and posters at professionals meetings.

Service- Dr. Foster has represented Penn State on a national and global scale since joining Penn State. He encourages students daily and has even worked with the FFA and 4H organizations. Outside his work with these organizations, Dr. Foster has led training's, seminars, and workshops offered during research conferences and meetings.

Dr. Foster’s extensive hard work and dedication to the Agriculture Education major and profession makes him well-deserving of the AAAE North Central Region Outstanding Early Career Agricultural Educator this year. We are thankful for Dr. Foster who pushes us to be the best agriculture educators that we can be and we can’t wait to see what he does in the future in and out of the profession.

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Foster! 

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