Monday, November 9, 2015

Calling all Penn State Teach Ag! Avengers! #PSUavengers

2014 Teach Ag! Avengers (left to right)
Olivia Murphy-Sweet, Janae Herr, Deanna Miller, Laura Metrick, Rea Ianson
Rachel Telesz, Howard Poole 
In a world troubled by a national shortage of agriculture educators and the people searching for hero’s to educate them about agriculture, there is only one group that can save the day. One group that is selfless in their acts of helping others understand agriculture education, noble in sticking up and defending why agriculture is important, and cunningly clever in their innovative ideas and perspectives that they bring to the table. That group is the Penn State Teach Ag! Avengers!

With the ending of a term, new Avengers are interviewed to be selected to serve a year engaging students to join the agriculture education major and to serve as a “face” for the Penn State Agricultural Education Teacher Education program at State and National Agricultural Functions.

How can you become an Avenger you may be thinking to yourself? That’s easy! 

To be eligible for this position you need to be a student majoring in Agriculture Education at ANY Penn State campus. You must hand in the following before December 4th, 2015:

     - A Letter of Interest
  - Resume
    - A 750 word essay
   - A document about who you are

Also, something that is BRAND NEW this year is that all applicants will participate in a face to face interview with a panel of agricultural education colleagues (students at a commonwealth campus don’t worry! We will accommodate your schedule!) as well as give a 10 minutes presentation during the face to face interview. The topic you may wonder? “You are a Penn State Teach Ag! Avenger and you are asked to present to group of high school juniors interested in Penn State and Agriculture Education” Pretty simple right?!

Current Avenger Team (left to right):
Olivia Murphy-Sweet, Janae Herr, Nate Repetz, Danielle Johnson, Katie Andrews 
If you want to see more of the application and what else the program can do for you, check out this link for more information and to answer any questions you may have: 

We hope that you use your special “super power” and make an impact on students and peers lives! 

The application is LIVE and is due on Friday, December 4th by 11:59 EST. Please send applications to Melissa Sankey,

 Good luck to all you future Avengers! 

To learn more about starting on the path to having a career that makes a positive impact on the lives of students across the globe by becoming an agricultural educator, please contact the agricultural teacher education program at Follow us on Twitter at TeachAgPSU, on Facebook, or on our blog.

Olivia Murphy-Sweet
Student Blogger
Teach Ag! Avenger
Twitter Handle @OSweetMurph  

2016 Agricultural Education Student Teacher 

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