Wednesday, April 13, 2016

2016 Impact FFA CASE Institute Scholarship Recipient: Katie Andrews!

Katie is a 2016 student teacher.
As pre-service teachers there are many ways future agriscience teachers can develop themselves professionally to set them apart in the field. For one of our Teach Ag! Stars, this has been a goal since day 1.  "Pursuing a degree in Agriculture Education was my goal since day 1 of freshmen year. Preparing agriculturally aware and competent students with 21st skills to be successful in anything they decide to do is my passion. Penn State has provided me with endless opportunities to maximize my skills and knowledge and I am excited to provide the same opportunities for students.”  A senior in agricultural education and  minors in International Agriculture and Agriculture Business Management, her next accomplishment comes as no surprise!  Congratulations to 2016 Impact FFA CASE Institute Scholarship Recipient Ms. Katie Andrews! 

Katie has been student teaching at Big Spring High School.  At Big Spring she has been able to teach the CASE Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources curriculum and has found many crossovers with science and math principles.  Katie says " Case does an excellent job of integrating STEM into the curriculum and it's adaptable."  To further develop herself professionally, and add another tool to her tool box as a teacher, she looked for opportunities to be certified to teach with CASE curriculum.   For the FFA Impact scholarship, she was one of four students to receive this honor.  Katie said "this scholarship will assist me with supporting my curriculum development as a new teacher."

CASE or Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education, provides materials, and education materials to students and teachers to "enhance the rigor and relevance of agriculture, food, and natural resources subject matter. CASE uses inquiry and problem, project and activity based lessons.  Each CASE lesson is aligned with math and science standards.  In order for a teacher to utilize CASE curriculum, it is necessary that they attend a CASE institute offered every summer.  

Sherisa Nailor, Katie Andrews & Sarabeth Fulton
As student teaching is nearing an end Katie reflected on the experience she has had at Big Spring.   She told us that her mentors and her students are her biggest supporters.  Katie said "the people you surround yourself with in life will gauge your happiness and who you are."  Her two mentors have provided her support, encouragement and professional growth.  Katie's cooperating teachers, Ms. Sherisa Nailor and Ms. Sarabeth Fulton are "excelling in their profession and care endlessly for students."  And Katie can't say thank you enough!  

If you would like to read more about Katie and her preparation for student teaching, check out her bog at: or connect with her on twitter @klandrews_24.  

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