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Student of the Month: Sarabeth Royer (@sb_royer) #psuaged16 #studentsuccess

Every month we like to highlight students that have gone above and beyond in the Agriculture Education department! April we are proud to share the stories and accomplishments of Ms. Sarabeth Royer!

From a dairy farm in Lancaster county, to student teaching in Bradford county, Sarabeth's  agricultural education experience started at a very young age.   She takes her farm roots to heart saying, "There are so many valuable lessons learned on a farm that cannot be transcribed onto a lesson plan. Lessons about life with a newborn calf and newly sprouted corn. Lessons on responsibility, cherishing life, valuing time, and so much more. As a future agriculture educator, I strive to not only integrate the lessons on agriculture, but also those "life-lessons" for my students. I want to help them see the potential in not only the agriculture industry, but also the potential in themselves."

Sarabeth is a Schreyer Honors student, representing the 5% of college students at Penn State that earn this honor.  Not only does she excel in her academic honors, but she is one of the most involved students in the major.  She invests her time within the major through Teach Ag! Society and as a member of Alpha Tau Alpha Agriculture Education Honor Society and Collegiate FFA.    She is involved in Dairy Science, Poultry Science where she is on the Poultry Judging Team and in the Coaly Society.  Sarabeth has served as an Ag Advocate promoting Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences to new and visiting students as well as the student body.  Outside of the College of Ag, Sarabeth is involved in Navigators Christian Ministry.  

 A senior in Agriculture & Extension Education and Animal Science Minor, she is quickly nearing the end of her time at Penn State.  She is one month from finishing her student teaching experience at Athens High School with Mr. Steinfelt.  When asked about what she loves most about teaching thus far, she responds: The Students.  "Being able to foster relationships with these students who can be  funny, entertaining, frustrating, exciting, and inspiring all at the same time is life changing for me. Being able to look at a student and tell them "I believe in you, you can do this," or "It's alright, try again," and seeing the glimmer of hope and sometimes belief is fantastic. I wish that my students could see how truly incredible they really are!" 

 Your students are lucky to have you Sarabeth!  Good luck as you complete your semester, we are looking forward to seeing you graduate and seeing where you end up teaching next year!

Sarabeth is always encouraging her students and her
cohort with her quotes of the week. 

Want to know some fun facts about Sarabeth? Check them out below!

Hometown: Elizabethtown, PA

Sarabeth, her cooperating teacher and some of her students
 visiting the capital after SLLC
Favorite PSU Class: Soils 102 (Lab), Poultry Judging, An Sci 201

Favorite place to eat in State College: D.P. Dough & the Creamery

Favorite Penn State Athletic Team: Dairy Science Flag Football Team

Favorite Hangout on Campus: Poultry Education Research Center 

Favorite Creamery Ice Cream: Death by Chocolate

Favorite Tractor Color: Red

If you would like to read more about Sarabeth, connect with her via 
Twitter: @sb_royer

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