Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hired! Teacher Candidate Matthew Holt Hired at Brockway High School #psuaged16

Abe Lincoln once said "I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him."   A graduate of Brockway High School, Matt will be returning there; this time to the other side of the desk!  Matt spent two years at Penn State Dubois before transferring to University Park to complete his degree in Agriculture & Extension Education; choosing an environmental focus. Matt has a love for the outdoors and has always been passionate about it.  As a freshman, Matt's first agriculture class focused heavily on forestry which had him hooked. Soon after he couldn't get enough of environmental science.  Matt was actively involved in the Penn State Teach Ag! Society, serving as an officer.  

Mr. Holt engaging his student in hands on learning with
female bovine reproduction. 
Matt is one of 12 teacher candidates that have spent the semester student teaching.  He has spent the last 15 weeks at West Perry High School with Ms. Ayla Miller.  He has grown deeper into the role of a teacher through his experience at West Perry.  "During my student teaching experience I have learned so much about animal science and developed various activities for wildlife and natural resources. I want to bring these tools and experiences to my classroom at Brockway.  At Brockway High School, Matt will be the the second agriculture teacher where he will teach with Mr. Kyle Norman.  Mr. Norman teaches Agriculture 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Matt will take over the Wildlife and Natural Resources, Horticulture, Animal Science and Intro and Advanced Ag Mechanics courses with the possibility of an 8th grade rotational.  

When asked what he is most excited about Matt responded, "being able to go back to my hometown."  Matt knows the people and said "I know I can make a difference in the students lives there through FFA and Agriculture in general." There is something to be said about going home and giving back and Matt will be doing exactly that.  Not many people are able to go back to the same place they were Tagged to Teach Ag!  "I know the opportunities available to students that can completely change their lives, all they have to do is take the first step."  And you get to lead them to that first step! Congratulations Matt, or should we say Mr. Holt! 
Matt with Ms. Ayla Miller and Mr. John Hines his mentors at
West Perry 

If you would like to read more about Matt and his experience  student teaching, check out her bog at: http://fromthewoodstotheclassroom.blogspot.com/ or connect with him on twitter  @mholt5595. 

To learn more about starting on the path to having a career that makes a positive impact on the lives of students across the globe by becoming an agricultural educator, please contact the agricultural teacher education program at teachag@psu.edu. Follow us on Twitter at TeachAgPSU, on Facebook, or on our blog.

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