Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Program of the Month: Big Spring High School

Pennsylvania is home to over 150 FFA chapters, representing the Blue and Gold at its finest. There is one chapter that has stood above the rest this month to become our May program of the month. The Big Spring FFA Chapter!

Sherisa Nailor, Katie Andres (Current student
teacher) and SaraBeth Fulton
Big Spring is celebrating 60 years this year, with an annual member and parent banquet; a big milestone for the FFA chapter led by Mrs. SaraBeth Fulton and Mrs. Sherisa Nailor. Mrs. Fulton has been teaching for twelve years and Mrs. Nailor for ten. They are proud to be one of the few programs led by two female teachers. They said "Big Spring is a growing program that strives to incorporate critical thinking and problem solving skills into all students and FFA members, while incorporating strong community service habits."  

 Every year the program at Big Spring has continued to grow. The demand for agricultural classes is extremely high!  Every year there are over 700 requests for agriculture classes and currently they can only accommodate 220!  Their involvement and success in various competitions has matched their classroom growth.   Mrs. Nailor and Mrs. Fulton offer a wide variety of classes.  Their most requested class, "Living on Your Own" is taught by Mrs. Fulton.  Living on Your Own "is an introductory course to basic home maintenance that allows students to  create projects and complete laboratory practices."  Their "Essential Home Projects" course adds to this knowledge where students are actively involved in flooring, concrete, building and creating bio-diesel.  From home maintenance to AP Environmental Science, there is no doubt that Mrs. Fulton and Mrs. Nailor are preparing students for careers in agriculture, food and natural resources.  Their program is growing and they hope to add a 3rd teacher to further the success at Big Spring someday in the future.  

Secretary Redding and FFA members at his visit during FFA week!

Secretary of Agriculture Russel Redding was able to witness the success at Big Spring with a visit during FFA Week where he shared about the importance of Agricultural Education and FFA in Pennsylvania.  

          Current Classes Offered: 

Big Spring students preparing a garden display.
Living on Your Own
Basic FFA Leadership
Advanced FFA Leadership
Equine Science
Essential Home Projects
Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Honors Animal and Veterinary Science
Small Animal Science
Food Science and Safety
Science of Animal Agriculture
Plant and Greenhouse Science
AP Environmental Science
Small Gas Engines

Recent Chapter Accomplishments:

Regional participants for Junior Prepared, Senior Prepared and Conservation Public Speaking
1st Big Spring State Poultry Judging Career Development Event

Big Spring FFA Members!

As their chapter continues to grow we look to Big Spring FFA as an example.  They offer diverse classes and are truly committed to the FFA mission, developing students potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success!  Congratulations on being named our May Program of the Month! 

Want to hear what is going on right now at Big Spring? 
Twitter: @BigSpringFFA
Facebook: Big Spring FFA

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