Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dr. John Ewing receives College of Agricultural Science "Advisor of the Year" Award: @jce122 @agsciences

Dr. Ewing receiving his award from Chris Toevs,
President, Ag Student Council.
Each year the College of Agricultural Science gives out awards to the different organizations represented within the College of Agriculture. This year the recipient of the "Advisor of the Year" was our very own, Dr. John Ewing. He is the advisor of the Collegiate FFA Chapter at Penn State, and has been for the past seven years. Dr. Ewing has shown his passion for the FFA and all his students through his dedication and commitment to the organization as he goes above and beyond what he is required to do according to the university.

A Short Story from the CFFA
Dr. Ewing makes a point to be present at all CFFA meetings and events that we hold. Many times, this means staying late into the evening and coming in on the weekend. One event that really stands out is when we were preparing for our annual Valentine’s Day rose sale. We had over 500 roses come in that needed to be cut, de-prickled, and prepped for sale the next day. There were four students that began working on the roses after class, but they were still working come 9:00 that night. Dr. Ewing was away on a student teacher visit at the time, and did not get back to campus until 7:00PM. Once he got back, he had another meeting that he had to attend. Dr. Ewing had left home at 6:00 that morning, hadn’t seen his wife or three children all day, and yet still came to help finish the roses. He stayed until we were finished, refusing to leave until the last student left. This level of commitment and dedication to the organization is seen every day in all of the activities and events that we do as an organization.

Dr. Ewing's Attitude and Selflessness
Dr. Ewing poses with students from Collegiate FFA at the 2017 Ag Ball.
He is always present at the club's activities as well as engaging, enthusiastic, and passionate toward them and the goals of the organization. His positive attitude and enthusiasm for agriculture is contagious and inspiring as he is always encouraging students to actively participate in community service, professional development, and student outreach events. Dr. Ewing is looked up to by the CFFA members and is constantly asked for his advice regarding academic decisions and life choices. No matter the time, location, or what is going on at the moment, he takes the time to speak honestly to each student and work out the best option. He does not care if you are not one of his academic advisee students or not, he will go out of his way to help each and every student asking for help. Dr Ewing's selflessness toward the students shows how great of an advisor he truly is to them.

Congratulations Dr. John Ewing on being named the "Advisor of the Year" by the College of Agricultural Science! You have definitely earned it!

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