Tuesday, April 25, 2017

@TeachAgPSU Family Creed

The @TeachAgPSU Family Creed

Composed by #psuaged17 and #psuaged18

Inspired by the Ag Teachers Creed from @NAAE

We believe in activating the purpose, passion and potential of agricultural education that has inspired the Penn State TeachAg Community.

We are committed to always learning together to build our Ag Ed community to find a way to thrive while honoring the process!

We believe in the process of passing on the gift of our knowledge and experiences.

We believe that knowing your skills and recognizing weaknesses will allow you to better elevate your students’ potential and show them they matter.

True mentorship occurs when we take every opportunity granted to ensure that our interactions with other are meaningful and positive for all involved.

We will always strive to help our fellow PSU Ag Ed family members by sharing resources and experiences so that we can always leave the woodpile higher.

It is family. It is support. It is unique to itself, as a whole and to each individual.

Watch the the cohorts share below!


  1. Well done everyone! How did the creation, design, and implementation process of the creed happen? This would be great to implement in an FFA chapter!

    1. Katie, it was an in-the-moment facilitation decision that lead to the creation of something way cool!!!