Thursday, May 18, 2017

Guest Blog: 5th Annual Domestic Study Away: Day Seven - "Meet the Miller's"

Editor's Note:
What is a Domestic Study Away? A Domestic Study Away (DSA) is a non-credit experience that is 100% Student-Developed and Student-led. The Penn State Teach Ag! Society runs where a group of students travel to a State to explore the following: 
  1. What does #AgEdu look like in other states? How is the total model of school-based agricultural education (Classroom Instruction, Youth Leadership Development <FFA> and Work-based learning <SAE>) uniquely provided? 
  2. Who are the #AgEdu Stakeholders in the state? Specifically, what agricultural industry is being served? 
  3. A unique yearly selected professional development topic! For #psuaged2WI, it is "Gender in the Agriculture Industry, Agricultural Classroom and Agricultural Education Profession. 
You can virtually-engage with this experience by reading and commenting on the daily blogs and following the experience on Twitter and Facebook with our hashtag #PSUAgEd2WI. We could not complete this transformative learning experience with out the incredible support of our partners including: The Pennsylvania Association of Agricultural Educators, The Wisconsin Team Ag Ed, The Penn State Center for Professional and Personnel Development and the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Student Activities Fund.

This is a series of blogs capturing reflections from each day of the experience by one of the participants. The goal is to post the daily reflection 24 hours after completion of activity. Below is the seventh day reflection of Katie Smith (@KatieLady1995), a member of the #psuaged18 cohort with an interest in Wildlife and Ag Mechanics. Katie will be completing her student teaching internship with Mr. Anthony Honeycutt of the Albion Agriscience Program in Erie, Pa. The reflection focus is the seventh official day of DSA in Madison, Wisconsin visiting Dr. Foster's in-laws, having an adventure in Madison, and stopping in to visit a 2017 Grad of the AEE Major, Kayla Hack, a native of Wisconsin. 
The Flavor of the Day!

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! Have you missed us! The Teach Ag Society and I appreciate your patience. Our beautiful lakeside cottage where we've been spending the past three nights lacked wifi, which is great for some technology disconnection, but not so great when we're trying to share our story with all of you! So let's catch ya up to speed with Day 7 of our Wisconsin story. 

We finally got to Culver's!! We met up with Dr. Foster's in-laws at there home and after debating which Culver's to go to (because it's very important to know the flavor of the day) we choose the Middleton Culver's, which was serving Turtle custard. We all sat down in the patio, enjoying our Butterburgers, Cheese curds, and custard. It was very delicious! (Anyone wanna join the Foster Franchise?!?)

Culver's is a great #AgEdu and #Ag Partner!
Next the In-laws took us on a little tour of University of Wisconsin-Madison. We viewed  Lake Mendota where the Millers pointed out Picnic Island, a popular get away for students. Then we entered Downtown Madison, where they showed us the beautiful lakeside terrace, which is known for the famous colored chairs. The metal chairs are painted 3 distinct colors; orange, yellow, and green. The orange represents Allis-Chalmers and the yellow/green is for non other then John Deere (I know, I know, I'd prefer some red chairs too). 

Then of course, what does the 78% Female Teach Ag group wish to do? We hit the shops down State Street. State Street is unique. The Capitol and the University of Wisconsin Administration building are in direct eye shot of each other. The buildings "watch" each other, and nothing may disrupt there line of sight. Protecting the balance of government and education.
The Squad on the Lake!
Katie Smith checking out
the chairs!

Then it was back to the Millers, where some R & R was finally taking place. Until some competitive games of corn hole ensued (also colored green and yellow, go figure...but for the PACKERS). They fed us a delightful dinner of brats, fruit salad, sauerkraut, and potato salad; with a fruit trifle to boot. With full bellies, we socialized for a while more, then made our way to Ms. Kayla Hack.

Our time spent with Kayla was brief, but fun non the less. After making a little more space to enjoy Kayla's delicious strawberry rhubarb pie or pecan pie, we made our way to the patio. There we sought advice from Kayla about how she pursued through her senior year. Her words of wisdom and encouragement will stick with us as we barrel head on into our senior year. 


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