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Governor School (#PGSAS14) going Global! #globalag

Remember when you were a kid and you went to a summer camp? Either your parents forced you leave or you wanted to actually go? Well, these 27 academically talented students from all across Pennsylvania were selected to go away for four weeks to Penn State’s University Park campus for Governor’s School for the Agricultural Sciences! This is the first time that this program has been opened since 2008!

Students from all around Pennsylvania have traveled to Penn State to learn about what the College of Ag has to offer. The students have four weeks to see if Penn State is right for them as well as if they truly do want to major in agriculture. One class was taught by the AEE program about Global Agriculture! Directed and facilitated by Dr. Daniel Foster and Dr. Melanie Foster, they took 8 volunteers to help create and then teach their own individual lesson plans that related to global agriculture! With four undergrads and four graduate students, two of which were international students, was the perfect blend for this week long class!  


Outlined below is the classes that were taught and by who! 

Students touring the greenhouse
Monday: Taught by Amanda Forstater (@CityAggie)

“Chocolate from Cacao to Bar”

This was the first class where Amanda challenged the students to think about the entire process of how chocolate.  They used the scientific process to hypothesize and then were rewarded with two different chocolate bars from different countries! 

Trying Indian Cuisine! YUM! 
Tuesday: Taught by Roshan Nayak (Ph.D candidate)

“Importance of Food in Your Life”

The students were able to study food systems and nutritional values! They played games to see what foods go in a balanced diet and what farm life was in India! Since Roshan is from India, he was able to give an insight of what life is actually like! The students were also able to dine on some local Indian food! 

Students dressing in traditional Korean attire

Wednesday: Taught by Janae Bickhart (@JanaeBickhart)

“Global Competency”

The students really focused on what the definition of “global competency” was and as well as learn about Korea! Since Janae was one of the students on the trip she brought a “study abroad” experience to the classroom! The students were able to try sample native foods such as  a kimichi, paint fans, and even dress in traditional Korean clothes!  

Learning definitions! 

Thursday: Taught by Stacia Creed (@stacia_creed)

“Food Security”

The students learned a lot with this lesson because they had to do an experiment to feed everyone in their group on a tight budget with a typical American price tag. The students said that they were surprised about how much food actually costs to feed a group of people! 

During the week long instruction, the students were also able to do two labs!

Lab One: Taught by Nur Husna Abd Wahid (Ph. D candidate)

“Malaysian Dancing”

For this lab the students were able to strut their stuff to see if they can dance the traditional dances of the Malaysian culture! There are videos if you click on this link!

Students completing the Amazing Race!
Lab Two: Taught by Olivia Murphy-Sweet (@OSweetMurph)

“Smart Goals and the Amazing Race!”

For this lab, the students learned about SMART goals (how to make them and what they wanted to do). They were also able to go on an Amazing Race tour around campus to learn  about what global programs that Penn State has to offer. 

Overall, the facilitators and the students had a great time! We hope that they learned a lot and that they come back to be Penn Staters! If you also want to check out a blog that the students wrote about their time with the class you can check out what they had to say here


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