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PAAE Meeting sparks excitement in 2015 Student Teachers! #teachag

Megan Keller 2015 Student teacher

Future teachers, and current Agriculture Education educators, all came together on Tuesday, July 8th, for the PAAE meeting held in Western PA to learn new ways to incorporate different ideas in the classroom! They learned a variety of topics which a lot of the student teachers are going to implement in their student teaching experiences coming up in the spring! 

The PAAE & PYFA meeting was a chance for agriculture education teachers to get together and discuss about educational opportunities and different labs that teachers can incorporate in their own classrooms. Toby Neal (@tjn5065), a 2015 student teacher at Twin Valley High School, loved the conference! He stated, “One of the main things I learned at the PAAE conference is the supporting network of agriculture educators that are willing to help each other succeed and share information. It was great to be among current agriculture teachers and hear about some of their experiences before entering into my student teaching experience.” Toby was able to attend the Wildlife CDE Workshop and the Ag Ed Net information session! 
Toby Neal and Hannah Harris on the way to the meeting!

Another student Hannah Harris (@han_lou), a 2015 student teacher at Juniata High School, also shared her feelings about the conference!  She stated, “For my first seminar at the conference I was in Tractor Driving Safety. During this time our instructor went through the state CDE tractor driving event. He provided us with materials about the contest and then we set up the course and tried it out! I really hope I have some students interested in this event because I feel prepared to teach them all about it! Toby and Hannah cannot wait to start their student teaching experience and bring what they learned and turn it into action!  

The PAAE & PYFA meeting happens every year and each student cohort has the opportunity to attend the meeting in the summer time! 2016 just wait, it will be your turn before you know it! 

To find more information about when the next meeting check out this link!  

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