Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Not Your Average Student Internship! #branchingout

All throughout this summer we have been interviewing students in the Agriculture Education major about their internships! This particular student is not an Agriculture Education Major but, he has completed an awesome internship that students might be interested in! Benjamin Nason, a junior at Penn State spent his summer at a community garden working in the garden as well as working in their lab!

Ben is studying to be a Horticulture Major with a science emphasis and is minors include; Entomology, Biology, Mushroom Science, and Technology! As you can see from his vast amount of skills and knowledge, he was well equipped to work for this community garden! His main jobs for his internship are wide ranging.He helps manage the garden overall which includes taking care of equipment and site management. One of his main projects that he has been working on for most of the summer is helping to assemble a new teaching pollinator garden. It focuses on native plants in support of the diminishing native pollinator species!

Although he works in the garden every day, he has been able to perfect his people skills and his time management. He states: The community garden is an amazing place for people to gather over plants, soil, and the outdoors. In my time there and with the few conversations I have had with members, this is the most diverse and interesting group of people I have ever met."

Ben has had a great summer and is excited to come back to Penn State for school to finish his studies! If you would like to know more about the community garden, you can contact him though his email at bcn5061@psu.edu
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