Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Food for Thought: Greenwood Global Hunger Banquet #feedtheworld

Penn State Students enjoying the meal!
On February 6th, Greenwood FFA hosted their third annual “Hunger Banquet” at Greenwood Elementary School. This event hosted over 135 people consisting of FFA students, college students, guest speakers, and FFA advisors! If you have never heard of a “Hunger Banquet” before, it is an awesome event that really makes you truly think how fortunate you are to have a meal three times a day.
As you walk into the room, you are handed an envelope with money according to a low, middle, and high incomes. Once everyone arrived, the people with the most amount of money in their envelope were able to be the first “shopper” and buy their meal. This continued until the lowest income class received whatever leftovers weren’t taken. As you ate your meal around others that didn’t have anything next to them, it made the attendants enlightened and inspired towards the end of the meal. After the meal concluded, a speaker from USAID Kevin Faith, an Agriculture Development Specialist, spoke on hunger issues on a global level. Not only did this high school complete an awesome banquet, but they raised over $2,600 for the PerryCounty Food Bank! Overall, it was a great night with tons of learning opportunities and a chance to realize how much people rely on food every day.

If you would like more information about this banquet, you can contact Krista Pontius at kpontius@greenwoodsd.org.

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