Thursday, February 26, 2015

#GlobalTeachAg: Nur Husna, Visiting Global Teach Ag! Fellow, discusses agriculture education in Malaysia

Earlier this month, Nur Husna, a Ph.D. Candidate in Workforce Education from Malaysia, delivered a presentation about Malaysia and their school based agriculture education system. If you missed out on the opportunity to hear her speak, she provided in depth knowledge on what education majors and teachers have to go through to get certified in their field. 

One interesting thing is that teachers have to sign a contract and abide by the following rules when they are in their field. Below are just some of the responsibilities and rules that these teachers have to follow.

Ministry of education Malaysia: Teacher education Financing terms/ contract
Student teacher Responsibilities
1)    Must successfully complete their studies within the prescribed period
2)    Not allow to change area  study and / or place of study to University or institution other than the one designated
3)    Must strive  very hard to study by attending lectures, seminars, tutorials, lectures and any program carried out in connection with the study

1) Must always adhere to the rules and discipline as in force at the university or institution
2) Not Allow to take part in any demonstrations 3) Not allow participate directly or indirectly in any political party
4) Not allow to engage in any conduct or activities that may affect the study

Serve the Government
1)    Will serve the government as determine by the government  after graduation

Teacher Pledge when entering the teaching profession
I promise to:
1)    Always be obedient to His Majesty the King, the country and the government
2)    Always carry out my duties with conscientiously, earnest, efficient, trustworthy, and responsible.
3)    Will not neglect my duty for my personal interests
4)    Will not use my position as public servants for my personal benefit
5)    Will not behave in a way that can aggravate and discredit the public services

Serve the Government
1)    Will serve the government as determine by the government  after graduation

As you can see by these lists, you begin to notice that teachers are under watch by several people and they take their jobs very seriously like we do in America.
After the presentation, I was able to interview Nur to ask her more questions about her presentation. In the interview below, questions were asked based on her presentation and other stories that she had to help us see what her country was like. Check out the video!

If you would like to watch the full seminar, please click on the video below (18 minutes) and watch an abbreviated presentation created by Nur in our PSU One-Button Studio!

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