Thursday, February 26, 2015

#teachagtech -> How to Use Google Forms for Easy ID Quizzes

How to Use Google Forms for Easy ID Quizzes:  I made a vow several years ago after grading I don't know how many identification quizzes that someday I would go paperless.  Looking back now, I know it was quite a lofty goal, but as technology becomes more user friendly, not one that isn't unattainable now.  Some experience in the classroom and a more grounded approach to life has definitely shown me that not all examinations should be given on paper or a computer, but there are definitely times when it would be most efficient and effective to test and provide feedback via a technological interface.

Here enters Google Forms.  I have already provided one post on the use of Google Forms for Formative Assessment, but wanted to share a system I use on a weekly basis to quiz students on various identification quizzes.  I use this heavily with my Floriculture and Veterinary Science class, but also use it in Intro to Ag Mechanics to ask students to identify parts and tools.

In the following video, I show you how to go about creating a Google Form that will streamline your assessment process when it comes to ID quizzes.

As I mentioned in the video, I would provide students with a hard copy of the name selections.  This seems to reduce test anxiety and provides students with an organizational tool as they progress through the quiz.

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  1. Thanks for the tips Diane. I am helping the school's envirothon teams practice over the next couple of weeks, so this will be great to give them some quizzes to help them learn. One question I have though, Do you know if you can add soundbites and videos as well, or just images.

  2. Hi Howard - my apologies - I didn't see this question until now. Unfortunately, there isn't a great way to load audio files -> I believe that is in the works. However, an alternative is finding a mp4 file or YouTube video of the sound you want and having it play in the background. You can also do this with Slides as well, than you can hide any images accompanying the video file. I'm sorry to not be a bearer of better news about audio.

    To insert a video file, click on "Insert" on the toolbar and video is the very last option. It requires some version of YouTube, but it is easy to create a YouTube account and upload what you need there. Hope this helps.